Le Bristol Hotel

This courtyard garden is one of the largest private outdoor spaces in Paris and it belongs to one of its very tops hotels.  I was asked to reimagine this space in 2017.

My design of generously planted window boxes and bespoke dusky-maroon Versailles tubs planted with topiary along Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré hints at the courtyard gardens inside.  The main courtyard has a structure of pleached Carpinus betulus trees, two black slate rills complemented by lawns and low evergreen hedges surrounding a tapestry of planting for all seasons. Maroon tubs and more window boxes within the courtyard are planted with seasonal varieties to provide additional interest and create lovely views from the windows of the Hotel, the Epicure restaurant and from within the courtyard.  A re-imagined Woodland Garden boasting specimen trees, flowering shrubs and groundcover lightens and gives depth to this corner of the garden beyond the courtyard colonnade.  The Upper Garden has been designed to appear as a 'hanging garden', planted with a series of trees with character, elegant hedges and topiary shapes, all beneath a curtain of newly designed treillage.

The Upper Garden as well as the Main Courtyard are roof terraces above an underground garage with limited soil depth.