Garden in Tipperary

A masterplan, working drawings and planting plans were designed to create a variety of gardens for this 40-acre estate in Tipperary, Ireland.  The designs include formal gardens around the house, colour-themed rose gardens, wildflower meadows, a woodland garden, a large walled kitchen garden and a small arboretum as well as a new entrance drive and courtyards, water features and furniture. 

The formal gardens around the house form a series of interlocking garden ‘rooms’ and terraces that flow outward from the house, offering different places for secluded relaxation whilst opening up the views to the distant hills. 

We also designed a masterplan and planting plan for a tranquil horse resting ground for the world class stud on the estate.  The design includes a water sculpture by William Pye, sitting at the centre of a square pool, surrounded by a pattern of paving and lawn.