Garden in Spain

The masterplan for this 7-acre garden in Spain, near Toledo, was implemented over a few months with a precise brief to celebrate the beautiful landscape surrounding it. 

The Mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and very cold winters, meant that the choice of plants was limited.  As a base to my planting schemes, I was inspired by the local flora in the neighbouring hills and added roses, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees suited to that soil and climate.  Water played a great part in the design for its sound and reflections and I designed a cascade inspired by the gardens at the Villa Lante in Italy, but with a modern touch. 

Other areas of the design included extensive retaining walls of local stone surrounding the house, a new drive and formal entrance forecourt, a series of interconnected colour-themed gardens and a stepped cascade lined with olive trees and a pool.  Outside the main garden, more naturalistic planting--as well as extensive tree planting--merge into the wider landscape.