Garden in Barbados

In 1995 we were commissioned to design a garden around an existing house and to link this to a new 4-acre barren coral stone area, to place a new building and a tennis court.  Careful landscaping of the terrain allowed us to include a stream--which rises from a grotto made of coral stone fossils--and to hide the tennis court by careful contouring.  Our design also includes several gardens surrounding the main house linking it to the new building, also placed to maximise the views to the sea.  Other features include a jungle walk and a cruciform walkway covered by strongylodon (the jade vine) and punctuated by pools. Scent was a major consideration in the choice of plants and trees.

A week spent studying the local climate and vegetation as well as frequent visits to the local botanical garden was essential for successful planting and inspiration for materials used in our working drawings.