Arabella Lennox-Boyd to Design the Landscape for New Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Opening September 2013  


Arabella was delighted to have been asked to design the landscape for the exciting new Serpentine Sackler Gallery with its dramatic swooping extension by architect Zahah Hadid.  The building will open in September 2013 and the landscape will be planted during the 2013/14 planting season. 

At the press launch on September 25th, Arabella said 'I am particularly pleased to be working on such an exciting public project in the middle of Kensington Gardens, which will become a first-class destination for culture.  I hope that my design will bring beauty and a greater understanding of the aesthetic and almost spiritual joys of plants, trees and the natural world generally to gallery visitors from around the world'.


She continues, "The landscape around the building is not huge and therefore it is important to me that it is seen as an integral part of the surrounding Royal Park.  I am opening up views into the park and keeping the majority of the landscape very simple - just grass and trees - to be in keeping with the Park.   My design ebbs and flows with the 'swoop' of the building hence its fluid lines, the rhythm of which will be echoed in the more intensive planting of the northern borders."


Much of the space will be left open with wide lawns and functional areas such as bicycle racks whilst others will be developed as high quality planting spaces.


Arabella is currently working with the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and leading UK nurseries to source the plants, which will be planted later in the autumn and in spring 2014.

O t t s   Y a r d

We were delighted to be able to collaborate with vPPR Architects on an innovative, contemporary

project in North London recently.  The pair of triangular houses with geometrically designed green roofs replace a derelict joinery workshop at the centre of a residential block in North London.  The plans are based on an abstraction of the existing triangular geometry of the space with each house having both a garden and shared communal courtyard.


Our design for the sloping roofs consists of interlocking triangles of different coloured sedums which echo the triangular geometry of the buildings and provides visual interest all year round for the surrounding residential houses.  Swathes of bulbs snake through the strict sedum patters in rivers of Crocus chrysanthus 'Snow Bunting' and Scilla sibirica whose soft flowing lines contrast strongly with the strict geometry of the roof.


The gardens and central courtyard on the ground are very simple with lawns, trees and climbers to provide a low maintenance, long-term solution.



T H E   B U S C O T   O B E L I S K
Mark Lennox-Boyd, Arabella's husband, is one of the country's leading sundial designers as well as having been a former Minister.  He has recently designed a major new obelisk at the National Trusts's Buscot Park, near Farringdon, Oxfordshire.


The 5m high obelisk/sundial acts as a major focal point from the house and is the centrepiece of Lord Farringdon's new Egyptian Avenue.   The obelisk has sundials on its six faces, which give the precise Greenwich Mean Time.  Above the faces are six hieroglyphs, three of which read Queen, Elizabeth and Eternity (for Long Live) and three of which read morning, midday and afternoon.


The hexagonal obelisk, on an hexagonal pyramid, is built from Portland stone with Broughton Moor green slate faces.  The pointers (noduses) are of bronze and gold plated.  The faces were engraved by Fergus Wessell of Stone Workshop and was constructed by Terry Cook, an employee of the estate and Fergus.

























For further details contact Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd on


G R E S G A R T H     H A L L  -  O P E N   D A Y S

The Open Days at Gresgarth are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the huge horticultural treat they offer.



We are drawing closer to the last open day of the year on Sunday 10th November.  Autumnal colour will be in abundance.  The herbaceous borders crescendo at this time of year with asters, helianthus, dahlias and many other autumn stars including a large variety of grasses.  The large collection of trees and shrubs within the garden also come into the most beautiful autumnal colours - 11-3pm, Entrance £8.50. 



The garden will open again in early Spring 2016 for the Hamamelis and Galanthus open day on Sunday 14th February and again for the Hellebore day on Sunday 13th March. 


Contact Debbie Holmes on 01524 771 838 
for further details of open days and private garden tours for 2016.
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P A L A Z Z O     P A R I S I
For anyone wanting to book an idyllic Italian break or longer summer holiday, please don't forget Arabella's childhood home, Palazzo Parisi, near Rome which is available to rent from May until October.  


Here charm, history, comfort, frescoed rooms and canopied beds, home-cooked Italian food and, of course, a beautiful garden await.  Garden lovers will appreciate Arabella's new planting including walks through irises and wildflowers and  waves of planting around the beautifully set pool looking to the Sabine hills beyond.   The Palazzo is under an hour from Rome and close to many famous villas and gardens. 

Comments from Guests: 

"A stunning place in a beautiful location made extremely comfortable and relaxing by such helpful staff. On top of all that, delicious food prepared by Rita would could never do enough for guests.  A brilliant holiday".


"Wonderfully relaxing days roaming the nearby towns and making excursions to Rome, Orvieto, Spoleto and Rieti, followed by wonderful meals on the loggia".


"The villa is a joy, the gardens a delight. Inside, the staff pandered to our every whim and the kids had a ball..."


"We've had a beautiful time... I feel like I've been in a film, the house is so interesting, so much to explore. I will never forget it!"

 "We really had a good time at Palazzo Parisi, visited Villa d'Este, Villa Adriana and Rieti, rather difficult when we had to sit by the swimming pool as well as eat Rita's wonderful cooking!"


For further details on renting please contact Christina Hemmett on 020 7931 9995 visit 

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